Our Team

Shy (me)

I recognize my biggest strength is in my crew and not me. They are my friends. I owe them much more than a weekly paycheck. I am lucky!

Alex (my husband)

The good news is he’s dedicated to the job. The bad news is he’s slightly more dedicated to the Washington Capitals. And that’s why when the Caps lose, he gets a day off so we can work in peace.


As one of the owners he is the one with an eye on the details. The one who makes sure we stay on track so we keep schedules. Also most importantly he is distributor of Red Bulls and Krispy Kreme donuts so we can stay hyped at work. That may just be the secret to our hustle.


is the sweet one. He is mild-mannered, and I have never seen him in a bad mood in over a decade. A true perfectionist on spackle and paint. I think the skills for a good drywall finisher are underrated in our industry. When I look at our drywall finish and paint jobs compared to others, I see and appreciate straight lines, impeccable caulking, and smooth walls. All this, thanks to Carlos.


is the kind of guy you take with you when you need unwavering loyalty and backup. He stood right by my side one-day years ago when I argued in an alley with four guys. As I now understand, my bravery that day was knowing Patrick was by my side. We will be friends forever. He also has the best memory and knows where the tools and materials are - kind of like having my own inventory system in his head.


came in quiet like a mouse, not knowing a thing about construction. And now there is no stopping him. He is meticulous about carpentry and tile. He sees the problem often before I pick up on it. He fixes issues without me telling him. He constantly teases me about working elsewhere, and although I fake my disinterest but deep down, I dread the thought of him leaving the company.

Tesla (Josue)

is too smart to be on our team, and that’s why I nicknamed him Tesla. Our newest and youngest member should go to college. I tell him to go all the time and remind him that he can easily get into college, earn that degree, and have a better future. Here’s to hoping one day he does this although I will miss him, I would rather he has a solid future.


has been a surprise to me. No knowledge to start with, but he is now a master at a bunch of hard to learn skills. He is an amazing carpenter; spackle master and he is on his way to becoming a great tile guy although he says he hates it. I am forcing him to keep at it because I see that he will be one of the best soon. The best part is he is starting to laugh at my jokes finally.


quietly worked for years without me realizing he is a genius at construction. His skills blow me away, and his problem solving is unmatched. He literally knows how to do everything, and when I get stumped on a solution, he’s the one to work it out. On top of all, he is fast. He is my oldest employee, and I pray he is always with me. I should be working for him now. That’s how good he really is at this.


leads the electrical team. With him, I get peace of mind. Electrical done badly can be dangerous. Jose is a master electrician who is a micromanager. The kind of person that feels he must guide his crew, check and double-check the work. Before him, I worried all the time.


is an electrical brain that is constantly working. Although he is the one that keeps us laughing all the time, he is also the one that remembers every little detail. Any troubleshooting issues. I run to him. Any job questions I have years later, and he is the guy who remembers. It's kind of freaky how good he is.


another electrical crew member we love. When Hugo walks in, the energy of the entire room changes. We smile more, we joke more, and we argue less. Hugo is the tall guy on the crew. Funny thing is our crew is mostly short; we call him the Giraffe although he is not even that tall.


my plumber. Another solid guy. I worry less about all the things that can go wrong with him on the job. Plumbing is another trade that I constantly worry about. That’s why I only use Luis. He is a master plumber who probably worries as much as me about the details.


the plumber, is one of Luis’s best. In fact, I asked Luis to send him only to my jobs. When you think of the damage water or fire can inflict, you best ask for the best. His work is rivaled by none. The care he takes with a soldering torch, measurements, and complicated plumbing systems is obvious. Wall-mounted toilets, complex shower systems, tankless hot water cumbersome projects that take more care than just “installation”.